Makani Networks to commercialize world-class research

Makani Networks, Inc., today announced that it will exploit its founder’s influential research work done in the USA, Europe and Asia at Philips Research – Advanced Systems and Applications Laboratory (The Netherlands), Microsoft Research (UK), Intel Research (UK), Sasken R&D (India) and the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory (UK) to form the fundamental underpinnings of Makani Network’s revolutionary technology.

Interestingly, research papers authored by Makani Networks’ Founder & CTO on wireless and mobile networking technology and wide-area data services are now part of the academic curriculum throughout many of the world’s leading academic institutions including: MIT, Berkeley, CMU, Cornell, Cambridge, London, Helsinki, Barcelona, Berlin, KTH Sweden, Toronto, UNSW/Australia, Bilkent Turkey, KAIST Korea, IIT’s in India, NUS Singapore, USTC China, etc. The Founder’s original research work itself was sponsored by Sun Microsystems Inc., Vodafone Group R&D and Benchmark Capital.

World-Class Technology

At the centre of Makani Networks technology is the revolutionary Makani Latency Buster™ architecture that makes core IP services through optimized protocol handling, application-aware acceleration, and smart management services available through a single platform.

Makani’s Adaptive-Learning® optimization identifies the application and the network, understands the inherent properties and data model of the application, and then applies application and network-specific techniques to optimize link bandwidth.

Makani Latency Buster™ architecture offers several key enhancements:

  • split control-plane
  • patent-pending File Transformers and Protocol Transducers
  • Virtual Channels® technology
  • Async messaging layer to reduce app & protocol chattiness
  • object and byte caching (also known as Hierarchical Memory®).

Collectively, these innovations not only help deliver 5X-100X data acceleration and optimization for business-critical data, but also drastically reduce CAPEX and OPEX for customers across a broad range of industries where networked data delivery is a major challenge.

World-Class Team in Place

Makani Networks is currently assembling a team with experience in networks, computing, storage and enterprise applications markets. Makani Networks’ executives have held positions at successful silicon valley start-ups and companies like Philips, Vodafone, Riverbed, Ericsson, Microsoft and Intel. Complementing the management is an all-star technical team that has made seminal contributions to the wireless and networking industries and created much of the Makani Networks technology. In addition to their deep academic experience, the technical team has helped develop real-world commercial products for companies including Philips, Ericsson, NEC, and Intel.

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