Makani Networks introduces Mobilizer Mobile WAN Optimization

“The Mobilizer™ platform from Makani Networks, Inc., enable wireless carriers around the world to offer their customers enhanced data experience with fast access speeds and improved reliability, security and scalability.”

The Makani Mobilizer™ Platform

The company’s Mobilizer™ platform is a comprehensive new element for the wireless network that resolves many of the performance problems associated with the delivery of IP-based data over wireless networks. The Mobilizer™ platform, a wireless optimization service node, dramatically improves bandwidth utilization and facilitates integration of third-party value-added services. These benefits improve the wireless data-user experience, and spur increased adoption and usage of wireless data products and services.

“With the Mobilizer™ Platform, Makani Networks is addressing end-user experience and productivity, security and performance issues for enterprise customers and wireless carriers’ data products and services,” said Founder & CTO of San Francisco-based Makani Networks, Inc.

“Wireless Carriers must look at new ways of implementing flexible optimization solutions to deliver a faster and reliable data offering. Our wireless optimization solutions has been deployed and test-trailed by wireless operators in USA and Europe and we have been jointly working with the R&D divisions of some of the world’s biggest wireless operators including Vodafone UK, T-Mobile Germany, Orange Switzerland, Verizon USA, etc. for more than 8 years now as part of our research work. We understand what wireless operators want.”, said the Founder & CTO, who previously served as the Chief Architect of the Mobilizer™ platform

World-Class Technology

At the centre of Makani Networks technology is the revolutionary Makani Latency Buster™ architecture that makes core IP services through optimized protocol handling, application-aware acceleration, and smart management services available through a single platform.

Makani’s Adaptive-Learning® optimization identifies the application and the network, understands the inherent properties and data model of the application, and then applies application and network-specific techniques to optimize link bandwidth.

Makani Latency Buster™ architecture offers several key enhancements:

  • split control-plane
  • patent-pending File Transformers and Protocol Transducers
  • Virtual Channels® technology
  • Async messaging layer to reduce app & protocol chattiness
  • object and byte caching (also known as Hierarchical Memory®).

Collectively, these innovations not only help deliver 5X-100X data acceleration and optimization for business-critical data, but also drastically reduce CAPEX and OPEX for customers across a broad range of industries where networked data delivery is a major challenge.

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