Makani Networks announces Interoperability for Mobile Broadband and LTE Solutions

Makani Networks, Inc. today announced that Mobilizer™ Mobile Internet Platform will deliver intelligent traffic management solutions and value-added data services for operators as they continue to evolve mobile broadband services including those utilizing WiMAX and Long-Term Evolution (LTE) 4G networks and beyond.

Makani Networks Mobilizer™ Mobile Optimization solutions provide operators with flexible control of their network resources. The video compression capabilities of these solutions can be strategically applied to subscribers based on rate plan, video source, device, or any other identifying parameters. As a result, the optimization solutions help operators control network abuse and create new revenue opportunities for customized data services and intelligent pricing plans.

While next-generation wireless network technologies offer more bandwidth, this bandwidth is being steadily consumed by increasingly internet-savvy customers. Together with network providers, Makani Networks, Inc. provide operators with new mechanisms to optimize service offerings and bandwidth consumption over 3G and LTE networks.

Makani Networks Contact:
Public Relations Manager
+1 415 793 8339

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