Makani Networks accelerates Mobile WAN users

“Makani Networks Delivers Mobile Internet Solutions for Mobile WAN Users”

Makani Networks, Inc., today announced the successful deployment and test trial of its Mobilizer™ Web Internet Platform – integrated web and multimedia content adaptation solutions for mobile users in the USA. As a result, mobile users can avail fast mobile data services on an open access Internet basis, including Adobe® Flash® Player animation and video, to virtually all wireless  devices.

The Mobilizer™ service node is a smart optimization solution that significantly reduces data volume in the network, thereby increasing capacity while accelerating downloads and uploads, even as traffic continues to rise. The web optimization and media adaptation functions are fully integrated on Makani Networks’s Mobilizer™ Mobile Internet Platform in the core data path of the network.

The Mobilizer™ service node has been deployed and test-trialed in the networks of several tier-one network operators, which are delivering branded mobile internet services to their subscribers. These include Vodafone operating group companies, T-Mobile Germany, Orange Switzerland etc..

The service dynamically and transparently transcodes all web and multimedia content for interactive use on mobile devices. Equipped with user-friendly navigation tools, the software enables simple internet browsing across all wireless devices including seamless browsing for iPhones, while retaining the functionality and integrity of original PC web pages and made-for-mobile websites. The product also transcode embedded and downloadable video including flash to ensure a continuous and fast media stream to all devices including laptops with standard media players.

With the deployment of the Mobilizer™ node, subscribers with iPhones and other smartphones will be able to access the open Internet,  and will enoy full web browsing capabilities. The applications require no client software downloads  or subscribers’ existing mobile access devices.

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