Makani Networks Open Access Mobile Optimization Services trials successful

“Makani Networks, Inc., today announced successful trial run of its open access mobile optimization service for fast, full Internet access on laptops, mobiles, and other mass-market devices.”

In December 2008, Makani Networks threw open to mobile network operators in the US the first carrier-grade, commercial infrastructure optimization solution offering web browsing and video to their mobile subscribers.

More than 500 subscribers from different wireless providers in the USA including Verizon, Sprint and AT&T participated in the trial. The Mobilizerâ„¢ service node is a smart optimization solution that significantly reduces data volume in the network, thereby increasing capacity while accelerating downloads and uploads, even as traffic continues to rise.

The web optimization and media adaptation (video) functions are fully integrated on Makani Networks’s Mobilizerâ„¢ Mobile Internet Platform in the core data path of the network.

On average, between 60-80% reduction through compression was
. Results showed that video transcoding significantly reduced the amount of data transferred over the network and improved per-user network utilization.

The Mobilizerâ„¢ service node has been deployed and test-trailed in the networks of several tier-one network operators, which are delivering branded mobile internet services to their subscribers. These operators include Vodafone operating group companies, T-Mobile Germany, Orange Switzerland etc..

Makani Networks solutions allow ISPs, mobile operators, enterprise, and other service providers to significantly enrich the user experience of current and future data networks. By making applications more desirable and valuable, Makani Networks customers can maximize returns on existing and future network investments.

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