Makani Networks tests Enhancer WAN optimization platform

“Makani Networks creates new technology that enables high performance access to enterprise applications, files and data storage across Wide Area Networks”

Makani Networks, Inc., today announced successful tests of its Enhancer™ WAN optimization platform.

Makani Networks’s Enhancer™ Platform

The Enhancer™ WAN optimization platform speeds up application performance over wide-area networks for applications used by enterprises to conduct every-day business activities such as email systems (e.g., Exchange®), file access, backup, and Web-based business applications (e.g., ERP and CRM).

The Enhancer™ appliances incorporate the revolutionary Makani Latency Buster™  Architecture to solve both the limited bandwidth and high latency issues associated with moving all types of data over a WAN. The appliances use a combination of patent-pending techniques called Hierarchical Memory® , accelerate both transport protocols (TCP) and application protocols (e.g., Web, CIFS and MAPI), and cache files and raw network traffic patterns at the edge in order to reduce the transfer time from hours or minutes to seconds.

The Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Makani Networks, explained that high latency and low throughput has always plagued wide area networks (“WANs”) particularly enterprise applications and networked storage. “Many IT architects are actively pursuing IT site consolidation strategies that move servers, storage and backup infrastructure from their remote sites to the “cloud”. They want lower IT costs, enhanced security, improved compliance, more thorough data protection, easier management, and easier software updates and upgrades.”

Makani Networks products accelerate the performance of enterprise applications and networked storage and other client-server systems over long distances by orders of magnitude.

World-Class Technology

At the centre of Makani Networks technology is the revolutionary Makani Latency Buster™ architecture that makes core IP services through optimized protocol handling, application-aware acceleration, and smart management services available through a single platform.

Makani’s Adaptive-Learning® optimization identifies the application and the network, understands the inherent properties and data model of the application, and then applies application and network-specific techniques to optimize link bandwidth.

Makani Latency Buster™ architecture offers several key enhancements:

  • split control-plane
  • patent-pending File Transformers and Protocol Transducers
  • Virtual Channels® technology
  • Async messaging layer to reduce app & protocol chattiness
  • object and byte caching (also known as Hierarchical Memory®)
  • MakOS™

Collectively, these innovations not only help deliver 5X-100X data acceleration and optimization for business-critical data, but also drastically reduce CAPEX and OPEX for customers across a broad range of industries where networked data delivery is a major challenge.

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