Makani Networks optimizes encrypted SSL connections

“Makani Networks, Inc., today announced new technology that truly optimizes and accelerates encrypted applications while maintaining the security of the data.”

SSL Acceleration: The Challenge

Existing solutions to SSL traffic acceleration generally introduce security issues, use inferior acceleration techniques, or both. The challenge in an encryption system like SSL is typically protecting the private key information. Simply putting the origin server’s private key information onto every device is not very sensible. In organizations with a large number of branches, the exposure of the private key can be detrimental.

Makani’s Transparent SSL Optimization

Makani Networks’s technology can transparently optimize and accelerate traffic that are encrypted using SSL. Makani Networks’s transparent SSL acceleration technology do so by applying all of the same set of optimizations they apply to unencrypted traffic over the WAN. Makani Networks accomplishes this while maintaining complete “end-to-end” security and maintaining the trust model that enterprises require. Each client uses unchanged server addresses and each server uses unchanged client addresses; no app changes or explicit proxy configuration is required.


Makani Networks’s transparent SSL optimization and acceleration gives enterprises new, better choices in the security vs acceleration tradeoff. Enterprises may choose to mitigate more of their applications to SSL-encrypted protocols to give them the data security they are looking for. With Makani Networks, they can be assured that they can still access the information they need at LAN-like speeds, no matter where in the world their office or data center is located.

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